McFarlane Basketball Figures

McFarlane NBA figures feature a wide range of basketball stars from your favorite teams. Every single team has had figures produced, so no matter what team you cheer for, you can find a McFarlane NBA Figure that has been made for the team you root for.

McFarlane NBA Figures are highly detailed and roughly six inces tall - you won't find anything like them as they are also highly affordable. You can quickly build a large collection of McFarlane NBA Figures on a smaller budget.

For the more advanced collector, there is always the chase and collector level McFarlane NBA Figures that are produced on a limited basis. These action figures are rare and much harder to find than the normal figures. They are usually in the form of alternate jersey than the standard release - but at times it is a smaller variation. While not every figure had an alternate jersery or rare version, you can view single McFarlane NBA figure for chase or collector level figure details.

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