McFarlane, Starting Lineup and other sports figures

Sports Toy Shop is here to provide an inventory of past, present and upcoming McFarlane Sports Pick figures - including variant and chase figures - along with providing you purchasing options for each figure from various websites. The goal is simple, to provide you with an accurate rundown of what has been made and to find the best available deals on the internet for each figure!

Not Only will you find information on the sports figures made by McFarlane, but you'll also find information on all other types of sports toys - including Starting Lineup figures, Upper Decks All Star Vinyls and many more. We are constantly working on improving the site and will also be adding Bobbleheads in the near future as well.

Whether you are looking for information on chase or variant figures or you just want to find those rare figures that you have been unable to track down, is the place for you. Can't figure out if your latest find is the regular issue or a more limited chase or variant figure? Take a look at the photography of any figure and you'll find photos of the regular issue along with photos and information on the chase figure and any variant or errors that were issued.